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Welcome to the mogenius documentation hub, your comprehensive resource for setting up and utilizing mogenius as your Internal Developer Platform.

What is mogenius?

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mogenius empowers you to establish platform engineering and an Internal Developer Platform, offering intuitive self-service environments for development teams to deploy, monitor, and log their applications in Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure. To learn more about mogenius, please visit our website.


Read our quickstart guide to set up mogenius and get started.

Or dive into how mogenius works for a comprehensive overview.

The mogenius documentation

This documentation hub serves as a resource for getting started, utilizing the platform's features, and exploring tutorials covering entire workflows.

mogenius for DevOps and Developers

mogenius provides significant benefits for DevOps teams and developers, enabling them to automate daily tasks and collaborate throughout the entire application lifecycle. By eliminating siloed operations, reducing support workload, and accelerating deployments and error-tracing, mogenius brings transparency and efficiency to your development processes.

Cloud-agnostic cluster management
mogenius seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes clusters on any cloud infrastructure, including on-premise environments. Installation is simplified using Helm.

Instant developer self-service
Once connected to a cluster, mogenius offers developers an intuitive environment for deploying their projects via a user-friendly UI or API. Dedicated resources, namespaces, integrated CI/CD, and a service catalog of reusable components ensure smooth operations on your infrastructure.

Automated pipelines on Kubernetes clusters
With mogenius, deploying applications on any Kubernetes cluster takes just minutes. Developers can easily connect their repositories (e.g., GitHub, GitLab, or container registries), and our platform takes care of the rest. Existing pipelines can also be seamlessly integrated.

Service catalogs
The service catalog provided by mogenius offers a collection of pre-tested configurations that work flawlessly on your infrastructure. It includes frameworks, tools, databases, and more. Additionally, you can expand the catalog with services specific to your organization for reuse across different projects.

Assign budgets and limits
Effortlessly set and allocate resource budgets for projects, allowing teams to dynamically utilize them. By defining limits and receiving alerts, you maintain complete control over your cloud resource expenditures.

Monitoring and logging
mogenius offers aggregated monitoring of all service and resource metrics, traffic analytics, and consolidated build, deployment, and application runtime logs. Gain valuable insights into the performance and behavior of your applications.

Invite team members and assign roles
Invite team members to collaborate on projects or organizations, granting them specific access rights such as viewing, editing, or admin roles. Control user permissions to ensure efficient collaboration.

Harness Kubernetes for your developers
mogenius acts as a lightweight yet powerful tool, simplifying Kubernetes usage for developers. Onboarding is quick, enabling everyone on your team to leverage the full potential of Kubernetes without the need for expertise in writing YAML or aggregating logs. Experience minimal overhead while retaining complete control over your clusters.

How to contribute

The mogenius documentation is open-source and based on Docusaurus. You can contribute by editing or creating content within the documentation. Simply create a pull request on Github with your suggested changes. We appreciate your contributions!