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mogenius CLI

With mocli, you can observe your mogenius clusters, projects, services, and more with style right from your command line environment.


The mogenius CLI is in Beta, with a limited feature set. Follow our release notes to keep track of new features.


Mac, Linux

Use homebrew to install the mocli on your Mac or Linux machines with the following commands:

Install mocli
brew tap mogenius/mocli
brew install mocli

Be aware that on Linux with a headless machine, mocli would unfortunately not work as it currently requires a browser to log in to our platform.


Install mocli
scoop bucket add mocli
scoop install mocli

Getting Started

You need an account for mogenius to use mocli. If you do not have one yet sign up here.

Once you created your account, on your command line run the following command to start.

Launch the CLI

You will initially be taken to your default browser to log in to your Mogenius account. After a successful login, you can return back to your CLI and mocli TUI (terminal UI) will take its shape.

Once you're inside mocli, navigation is simple. Move through the lists with your arrow keys. You can select an item with the key ENTER and go back with ESC.

The colon key : triggers the command bar. From there on you can perform additional commands. For example, simply type orgs to go back to your organizations list wherever you are. Type help to see a list of all available commands.

If you're navigating to a specific service you can perform certain actions. Open the command bar : and enter your command to start, stop, restart, rebuild, or delete the selected service.


Using the CLI you can launch a shell to access the containers inside each of your projects. Just select a service from one of your projects and you will see a shell item for each instance of your service. It will open a shell based on your default terminal application.