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Welcome to mogenius docs

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At mogenius, our mission is to make building and running applications in the cloud as easy as possible. Launch and run cloud-native applications in seconds and let our autopilot handle the entire DevOps workflow for you. Easily deploy anything, from simple static sites and cron jobs to databases and dockerized apps. Rely on a fully managed workflow for deploying your code, so you can focus on what you love – building great apps.


Read our quickstart guide to deploy your first service in minutes.

mogenius offers the entire tool chain to run any application

Cloud resources
Hyperscaling virtual machines and storage hosted on Microsoft Azure.
More on hosting

CI/CD pipeline
Instant deployment of changes to your specific development stage in the cloud.
About CI/CD pipeline

Instantly deploy your application by connecting your repository with a Dockerfile inside.
About Docker upload

SSL management
SSL certificates are automatically created and managed for each domain.
About SSL

Pre-configured databases: MySQL, Postgres, Redis, CouchDB and many more.
Discover supported databases

Pre-configured services
We continuously expand our service library with pre-configured backend tools, frameworks and microservices.
About Services

How to contribute

The mogenius documentation is open-source and based on Docusaurus. You can edit and create content within the documentation by sending a pull request with your suggested changes to Github.