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Plans & Pricing

mogenius plans are simple and fixed SaaS subscriptions that consist of three major components:

  • The number of clusters you are managing.
  • The total number of projects in your organization.
  • Additional services like SLAs or DevOps support.

mogenius does not interfere with your cloud account, so you are charged for resource costs separately by your cloud provider. An exception applies to managed clusters by mogenius, where cloud resources are included in your subscription. Read more about managed clusters.

We offer three tiers of plans:

  • Trial Test the mogenius platform for 14 days with the full feature set on one cluster with a single project.

  • Professional Run mogenius on a single cluster with one project for your team.

  • Enterprise: Designed for organizations with more than one team, allowing you to manage multiple clusters across cloud providers. The enterprise plan includes three projects and covers advanced SLAs and extended support options.

To request pricing or receive a custom quote, please contact us here.

Compare plans in detail on our latest pricing page.