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Update and uninstall

You can manage the installation of your mogenius operator directly from the management pane in mogenius. In the "Settings" and "Connect" sections, you will find several options to update your operator and to upgrade and uninstall the Helm repository.

Updating the mogenius operator

New versions of the operator are released frequently to deliver additional features and improvements alongside the development of the mogenius platform. Updates to the operator must be installed manually. To do so, open the "Settings" tab in your cluster and scroll down to the update section.

In this area, you can track the following versions:

  • Your version: The current version of your operator on the cluster
  • Current version: The most recent version available

By clicking the "Update k8s manager" button, your operator will be updated to the current version.


Updating your operator does not affect the services running on your cluster. However, the operator will restart, resulting in a short connection interruption in which events between the mogenius platform and the cluster may get lost.

Helm uninstall

To remove the mogenius operator from your cluster, use Helm uninstall. Head to the "Connect" tab, and in the code section, switch to "Uninstall." Once executed on your Kubernetes cluster, the operator and all accompanying platform services (e.g., cert manager, ingress controller, etc.) will be removed.

The uninstall command looks like this:

mogenius operator Helm uninstall
helm uninstall mogenius -n mogenius

Namespaces and services created through projects in the mogenius platform won't be affected by the uninstall. To remove them, you must delete them through the mogenius platform (an active connection to the operator is required).