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Release notes

v1.6.8 (mocli) - 14.11.2023

  • Added service management commands to start, stop, restart, rebuild, and delete services.
  • Added a shell feature to log into each container inside a project.
  • Check out the CLI documentation for further details.

v1.19.0 - 20.09.2023

  • New service type: CronJobs. Now you can deploy CronJobs to your Kubernetes cluster with mogenius. Read more about CronJobs on this page.
  • The service type "Bring your own Code" was renamed. It is now called "Repository" to better reflect the fact that this service is created from Github or Gitlab repositories.
  • Integrations were moved from the user settings to project level. This way, git integrations are no longer connected to a specific user account. Instead they can be managed by every project admin.
  • The built-in NFS storage solution received a new NFS server image. It relies on the latest NFS version 4 and supports file locks. This image is available to new projects created from now on.
  • Bugfixes
    • The storage browser received multiple updates fixing errors in the UI and during file uploads.
    • Invitations to organizations and projects failed when users were not registered already.
    • During sign up, some users were not forwarded to their account automatically after confirming their email address.
    • Storage consumption wasn't displayed on the project dashboard correctly.
    • Deleting a service wasn't possible when it's repository didn't exist, or wasn't connected anymore.
    • The wrong organization was displayed in some cases when switching between two organizations.
    • When a build failed the link in the workflow logs didn't point to the CI/CD monitor correctly.
    • Accepting an invite to an organization occasionally returned a 403 error.