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Help & Feedback


We are very happy to receive contributions from our community. You can use our community site to ask questions or read about current issues. As a registered user you can reach the community via the main navigation in mogenius studio.
🏠 Community


Your feedback is incredibly valuable in helping us deliver a product that best meets your needs. If you have suggestions and ideas, please use our feedback tool. Here you have the opportunity to submit ideas, vote on other ideas and follow our roadmap.
💡 Feedback


If you encounter any problems or need quick help, you can always contact us directly.
❗️ Support


What can I use mogenius for?
mogenius is the single layer between your application and the cloud. You can deploy and run any application with mogenius and get it up and running in no time on a hyper-scalable and automated cloud infrastructure. Most application types and services are are supported, like web applications, databases, background workers and of course static websites. Read more about supported services here.
What do I need to get started?
All you need is an account for mogenius (sign up here) and your Github account.
How much does it cost?
You can start with a free plan, no payment details are required. You select the plan you want when you create a cloudspace, and a free plan is set by default. Our paid plans are designed to cover a specific phase in the development of your project at a time. Check out the available plans here. If you need more resources or additional features later you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time.
Is mogenius secure?
We rely on best practices for managing cloud-native applications. Under the hood, your cloudspace is a fully isolated namespace on Kubernetes that cannot be accessed from the outside. In addition, every cloudspace and service is delivered through Cloudflare and is protected by Cloudflare Enterprise-level features.
Where is my application hosted?
Our clusters are hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, by Microsoft Azure. We will soon offer additional locations.