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Plans & Pricing

You can get started with the Community Plan, which is free of charge, to begin deploying your application right away.. - Sign up here

We offer a number of subscription plans you can choose from:

  • Community For developers to try out our self service platform, and host smaller and hobby projects free of charge. The plan includes a starter budget with cloud resources.

  • Professional Designed for a development team, this plan provides unlimited access to all features of mogenius, with one cloudspace that can be used for one project or team. This cloudspace is hosted on a shared cluster and you can reserve unlimited cloud resources in addition to that. You will also receive Premium support to assist you with onboarding, deployments, scaling, or other technical issues.

  • Enterprise: Designed for development teams with multiple projects and more complex project architectures and environments. In addition to the features of the Professional Plan, the Enterprise Plan allows you to create and run self-service cloud environments for several projects or teams. Up to 10 cloudspaces will be hosted on a dedicated cluster and you can choose to run them on any cloud provider, regions, or zones, and even plug in your own cloud provider account to utilize your existing contracts. You will also receive Enterprise-level support, as well as hands-on DevOps support from mogenius specialists.

To request pricing or receive a custom quote, please contact us here.

Compare plans in detail on our latest pricing page.