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What can I use mogenius for?
mogenius is an internal developer platform that makes running and managing containerized applications on Kubernetes simple and efficient. It is designed to help DevOps reduce support overhead from development teams and to help them focus on core infrastructure tasks. For developers, mogenius enables them to work independantly and to focus on shipping great code.
What do I need to get started?
All you need is a Kubernetes cluster where you can install the mogenius operator. Check out the quickstart for detailed first steps. If you want to use mogenius but you don't want to run your own Kubernetes cluster, refer to managed clusters.
How much does it cost?
mogenius works with simple and fixed monthly subscriptions. The pricing depens on the number of clusters and projects, and additional services that you might require. Check out the available plans here.
What if I decide to move away from mogenius later?
Everything that you configure on mogenius can be exported as YAML if you decide to leave mogenius. We want to avoid vendor lock-in and if you feel that mogenius is not adding value anymore you won't be forced to stay.