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Description The Dashboard is your control center, where you can find all relevant information about your cloudspace at a glance. Here you can see resource allocation, the status of your stages and services, and the latest messages.

Resource widget

resource widget On the resource widget you will find the general information about the allocation of your resources. The widget displays the following types and values:

Storagein useGB
Temp. Storagein useGB

Allocated = the value claimed by already installed services In use = the value of resources already in use Consumed = the value that has already been consumed

The widget is designed to display all stages and their individual resource consumption. For example, if you have several stages, they will be displayed in different colors. This way you always have an overview of the general consumption and the consumption per stage.

More: Resourcemanagement

Stage widget

stage widget The stage widget gives you a quick overview of the status of your stage and the installed services. You can view summarized messages, warnings and errors. With a click on the message you are directly forwarded to the right place in the service.

More: Stages & services

Notifications widget

notification widget

Get a quick overview of the latest messages in your Notification Center.

Service library widget

service library widget

See Service Library for recommendations of useful services to add to your cloudspace. You can add a service directly from the Dashboard or access the Service Library to discover more services.

More: Creating a service