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General cloudspace settings

Input fieldDescription
NameThe name of your cloudspace cannot be changed after it is created because it is used in the hostname.
DescriptionYou can add s description to your cloudspace telling other users what the project is about.
Git AreaThis area displays the Github account that your cloudspace might be connected to.
Critical AreaDeactivate cloudspace: This function is currently under development
Delete Cloudspace: This will irrevocably delete your Cloudspace with all the data it contains.

Manage your team

In this section, you can manage team members who contribute to this cloudspace. When you add members, they receive an invitation by email to join the cloudspace. Once they accept the invitation, the cloudspace is accessible in their mogenius account. Similarly, if you delete members from the cloudspace, they would lose access.

You can set the role of a user when you send an invitation, and you can change the role later.

RoleAccess level
OwnerThe owner has comprehensive access to every area of a cloudspace, and is the only one who can delete a cloudspace. There can be multiple owners in a cloudspace, but there must be at least one.
Adminrole is not defined yet
Userrole is not defined yet
Viewerrole is not defined yet