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Service list

Below is an overview of all the services that are currently available through the Service Library. Click on a service to learn more about how it works and what resources it requires.

ServiceShort description
DockerAdd your git repo with your Dockerfile and let us build it.
nestjsA progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications.
PythonA popular programming language which aims for higher productivity and better integration with existing systems.
AngularAngular web application framework.
ReactA JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
Next.jsReact framework for static websites and more.
nginxweb server, reverse proxy, load balancer and more.
MongoDBMongoDB NoSQL Database.
MySQLRelational database management system.
TiDBA newSQL database.
phpMyAdminDatabase administration.
Docusaurusstatic site generator for documentations and more.
VaultwardenPowerful open-source password manager.
CouchDBDocument-oriented NoSQL database.
MariaDBRelational database management system.
Vue.JSThe progressive JavaScript framework.
Java SpringJava framework often used for building web apps.
FastAPIFramework for building APIs with Python.
FlaskLightweight Python web application framework.
Express with TypescriptNode.js framework and Typescript in a single template.
pgAdminDatabase administration for PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQLOpen source object-relational database system.
MosquittoMQTT message broker.
Minecraft serverLaunch a Minecraft Multiplayer server.
Ruby on RailsFull-stack Ruby framework.
GatsbyReact-based high performance web framework.
GrafanaMulti-platform data visualization tool.
Grafana LokiLike Prometheus, but for logs.