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Community plan

We offer the Community plan as a free service on the mogenius platform with some core features and a few cloud resources. It should be just enough for any hobby project or testing activities.

What’s included in the Community plan?

The Community plan has free cloud resources with 0.5 core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 2 GB storage and 5 GB of monthly traffic.

Besides that you get:

  • 1 cloudspace
  • A production stage
  • Auto-deploy from Github
  • SSL management
  • CDN, DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall
  • Deployments from repositories or container registries
  • Access to the mogenius service library

Verifying your mogenius account

After creating your first cloudspace you're asked to verify your account to use the Community plan without limitations. There's two options of verifying your account.

By application
We ask for a few details on how you're planning to use mogenius. Your application will be reviewed and you will receive feedback via email within 24 hours.

By credit card
You can enter credit card details to verify your account without waiting for approval. The payment details are only checked to make sure you're a real person - your card will not be charged. We use Stripe to securely verify the credit card details.


As long as your account is not verified, services will be stopped after 4 hours.

Why do we require account verification?

We want to provide a great free service for those who want to create and deploy their applications easily, those who want to test mogenius extensively and for those who can't afford paid services. Unfortunately, there are people who abuse this kind of free service with harmful or illegal applications, spam and other activities that do not correspond to the spirit of the free plan. For this reason, we can only provide verified users with the full features of the community plan.